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Setton Farms Announces New Distribution in Fairway Markets Nationwide

Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella, Inc. - the nation’s second largest pistachio processor and maker of Setton Farms Pistachio Chewy Bites based in California’s Central Valley - is excited to announce new wholesale distribution of its recently launched Pistachio Chewy Bites Two-Pack Bar into Fairway Markets in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Named one of the most important specialty food retailers by The Gourmet Retailer magazine, Fairway Market is a premier New York-based grocery store that emphasizes the importance of having a diverse selection of fresh, natural, and organic products. This new distribution will expand Pistachio Chewy Bites’ presence to even more consumers in the greater New York area.

“We are thrilled that the demand continues to grow for our Pistachio Chewy Bites products,” said Setton Farms COO Mia Cohen. “With these new locations, consumers will have even more access to healthy, real-food products and the nutritional benefits of pistachios.”

Pistachio Chewy Bites are all natural pistachio and cranberry nut bars that provide the perfect healthy snack for students, moms, dads, athletes, and people on the go. Combining protein, fiber, and the potassium of pistachios with antioxidant-rich cranberries in a bite-sized bar, Pistachio Chewy Bites are a nutrient-rich snack that consumers can feel good about eating.

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