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Brooke Froelich

Outdoor Adventurer


Five years ago outdoor adventurer Brook Froelich got hooked into the natural beauty of Salt Lake City and has been exploring it ever since.  She splits her time between a full time job at the University of Utah studying eye development and spending every extra moment skiing, biking, running and climbing anything she can.


During a long mountain bike ride a few years ago, Brooke blacked out on the trail.  She had lost her appetite for grainy, heavy, high calorie energy bars and her fuel levels were insufficient.  Brooke now knows that proper nourishment is absolutely necessary as an athlete.  After trying nearly every energy bar on the market, she wanted something wholesome.  Now while exploring the outdoors Brooke always carries Pistachio Chewy Bites to give her the energy she needs to make it through her journeys.  You can find photos of her and Pistachio Chewy Bites on mountains, trails, and lakes throughout Utah on Instagram.

"I love the crunch of the pistachios next to the chewiness of the cranberries. No mystery ingredients.  And the portion size is perfect -just the right amount of fuel as I need it. Whether trail running, climbing mountains, big days skiing, or long mountain bike rides, I always have a Pistachio Chewy Bite or two in my pocket."

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