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Lauren Rudick

Yoga Instructor


Over the past decade Lauren has been teaching and practicing yoga across four continents.  Her classes offer a fresh take on traditional yoga infusing humor and positivity in already dynamic and upbeat lessons.  Based in Canada, she also teaches at retreats, conferences and festivals.  Her creative side continues to shine when off the mat, creating a line of jewelry and writing for various blogs.


Lauren uses the sustained energy from Pistachio Chewy Bites to feel strong and confident throughout classes, transferring that energy to her students.  Also known to snowboard and hike, she grabs a bite for a boost of energy while on the trails.  Follow her on Instagram to view her 365 handstand challenge.

"The perfect lite bite to grab and go when I need a quick boost of energy before teaching a class or practicing yoga.  These little delights sustain me for hours.  I love that they aren't too sweet and that they are made from simple natural ingredients."

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