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16 Pack Display Tray

The Pistachio Chewy Bite 16 pack display is a great way to get more of this incredible product into your customer’s hands. Each stand up bag contains sixteen individually wrapped bites with a shelf life of one year. Sturdy and stackable, the trays come pre-loaded with 18 units ready for display. Featuring the Setton Farms logo and heart healthy mark your customer can be sure that they are making a smart snack choice. Pack: 11.29 oz. Pistachio Chewy Bites, 18 units per tray.


Display Dimensions

23 3/8” L x 13” D x 11” H



18 x 11.29 oz. bags per tray


6 Pack

Display Shipper

6 Pack

Tear Off Case

16 Pack

Display Tray

2 Pack

Display Box

1 Bite

Counter Display

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