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Setton Farms Spices Up Pistachio Industry with New Seasoned Kernels

Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella, Inc., the nation’s second-largest pistachio grower and processor, has added a line of Seasoned Pistachio Kernels to their growing selection of innovative pistachio offerings. The Setton family has made it even easier and more exciting for consumers to enjoy pistachios by removing the shells and seasoning them with authentic spices. These Seasoned Pistachio Kernels, which debuted at the Natural Products Expo West to rounding praise, are now available for sale at Kroger, Dillons, Ralphs, and Roundy’s, as well as other retail locations nationwide.

Consumers looking for a unique and nutritious snack will enjoy all five varieties: Chili Limón, Chipotle BBQ, Garlic Onion, Jalapeño, and Salt & Pepper. Each resealable bag is packed with three ounces of premium quality shelled pistachios that are heart healthy, easy to enjoy on the go, and kid-friendly. With no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, these all-natural, seasoned kernels are a unique source of plant-based protein and make a great addition to almost any recipe.

“Our new Seasoned Pistachio Kernels are a perfect addition to our line of premium innovative pistachio snacks,” said Setton Farms COO Mia Cohen. “Consumers are gravitating toward wholesome, ethically produced foods and have come to expect a higher level of quality from their snacks. We are excited to provide consumers this delicious new product that meets all their expectations and more.”

The perfectly portioned resealable bags are available in a tear-away display case or in a fully packed floor shipper display.

Grown in California’s Central Valley, Setton Farms’ pistachios are vegan, Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Gluten Free, and Kosher. All of Setton Farms’ pistachios are roasted and packaged using renewable energy and eco-friendly practices.

The Setton family is dedicated to providing healthy and delicious snack options that consumers of all ages will love. In addition to their line of Seasoned Pistachio Kernels, Setton Farms produces Pistachio Chewy Bites, Dark Chocolate Covered Pistachios, Premium Nut Blends, and other nutritious, pistachio-based snacks.

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